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suebee_1382723239_98[1]I am a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Many people call upon a Practitioner or Life Coach only in times of stress, while others work with one regularly to continue in growth and spiritual understanding in all facets of their life. As a Spiritual Coach, I help facilitate a confidential, safe, and sacred space where clients become aware of thoughts and hidden beliefs that, when examined and released, opens new doors of understanding, freedom and excitement about their life.

To make an in-person or phone appointment and experience the benefits of Spiritual Coaching, contact me at spiritfilledlife@sonic.net or call 707-696-1117.

In Joy & Service,

Sue Robson, RScP


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Let’s Do What We Love!

“Do not secure your future without securing your intentions. Find out what you want.”

The above quote is by Tama Kieves in her book ‘This Time I Dance.’ As we close this year and open a new one, I feel it is time that, not just I, but each of us leans into what we want to express. We are here on this planet and we might as well do what we love to do… do what lights a spark in our minds, hearts, and bodies… do what thrills us because, when we do… we benefit so many other people. Why? Because we are not bringing dread into our atmosphere, but rather joy and passion and the fruit of us doing what our soul desires.

Each of us has a gift. Each of us can share with those near us from the basket of our gifts. Then, those that are around us can see that it is possible to do what you love and lift the world to be #aworldthatworksforeveryone.

We can be so good doing things daily that doesn’t really excite us and at the end of the day, we are tired and feel lacking. For 2018, let’s shift our intentions to that of seeing excitement, joy, fulfillment, vitality, and passion come into our lives… into our atmosphere. Sit just a few minutes a day and imagine yourself beaming with joy, filled with excitement, and exuding passion. Feel that? Then, see or imagine what you are doing as you are feeling this. What surfaces… what dream has been buried or what new dream or idea emerges? That is inspiration. That is the longing of your heart urging you into your Greater Good. A daily dose of this practice, just for a few minutes, will open the gates of newness and allow fresh possibilities to show themselves to you!

Affirming for us a New Year filled with all we love and the fulfillment of our heart’s longings.

Love to all,



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