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suebee_1382723239_98[1]I am a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Many people call upon a Practitioner or Life Coach in times of stress, while others work with one regularly to continue in growth and spiritual understanding in all facets of their life. As a Spiritual Coach, I help facilitate a confidential, safe, and sacred space where clients become aware of thoughts and hidden beliefs that, when examined and released, opens new doors of understanding, freedom, and expansion bringing fulfillment of their desires and reality to their dreams.

To make an in-person or phone appointment and experience the benefits of Spiritual Coaching, contact me at spiritfilledlife@sonic.net or call 707-696-1117.

In Joy & Service,

Sue Robson, RScP


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Mirror of the Mind

Life reflects back to us, in form, on what we focus our consistent thoughts. The key here is the word consistent and as I pondered this concept, I thought about how Facebook has a magical way of bringing to our feed more ads and posts about things we “like”, give comment to, or even what we search for on the internet. We see more of the same. Hmmm… Now, I am not comparing the Intelligence of the Universe to the algorithms of Mark Zuckerberg’s brain child, but this kind of demonstrates my point.

Have you ever noticed that generally negative people seem to have situations occur forMirror.Mind them that perpetuate their negativity? And generally grateful people, those that are more positive in attitude seem to perpetuate more reasons to be grateful and positive about? It is like we invite more of what we express in our lives as if we send out a signal or vibration to call it in. That is the Mirror of the Mind and if we are not consciously aware that our way of thinking may reflect back to us situations or feelings that we wish not to experience anymore, we could find ourselves frustrated and jaded; succumbing to the belief that life cannot get any better. But Life is better and Life desires us to thrive and feel fulfilled, joyful, and happy. We can invite the goodness of Life by making small steps and become aware of what we are saying, thinking and focusing on.

I know that when I greatly reduced the time I spent on reading and listening to the news and talking, sharing and writing about it, I began to feel better. Did my doing that change the news? Not really, but it did change my perceptions and my perceptions changed my mood and my good moods started to change how I viewed things around me and my views became more uplifting. That, in turn, changed my experiences and I began to see life as friendly, loving and happy. This doesn’t mean I don’t have challenges from time to time. But, it does mean that I can maneuver through the wiggles of life with a greater resilience knowing that how I think can change how life shows up for me; reflecting back to me what is in my mind.

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