Choose your Thoughts

Someone in my life sometime ago said “If I expect the worse case scenario, at least I won’t be disappointed. And then, if something better happens, I’ll be surprised.”


Well needless to say she was rarely surprised and she mostly saw her expectations come to fruition. This type of action or consequence is called by many as a “self fulfilling prophecy;” whatever you set your thoughts to will manifest itself in your life. Yet I want to take this one step further. Whatever habitual thought patterns you hold on to, those that are in the subconscious mind, will show up in your daily life – home, work and relationships. If you accept restriction, limitation or negative environmental conditions, you become bound by the very law that can free you. Jesus said: “As though hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” He did not say: “It will be done as you wished or as you hoped.” He spoke of the universal law, applicable to everyone, when he called it a Law of Belief. Ernest Holmes states in many of his writings that “there is a Power greater than we are and that we can use it.”  Allow me to add that we can use it for our benefit or to our demise. Choose your thoughts – choose how you want your life to look like and keep your thoughts on those things.


~Sue Robson, RScP


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