Expecting it all

I have high expectations. I know I do and when I let them rule the roost, I become disappointed, unsatisfied and frustrated. This could be about anything or anyone including myself. We all have them. We expect our loved ones to understand us all the time. We expect that we will find something where we left it. We expect to be treated with respect at a restaurant or a place of business. We expect our coworkers or friends to think the same way or work in the same fashion as we do. And what about the weather or other acts of nature? Do we get bummed if it is too hot, too cold or too windy? Do I dare mention traffic and other drivers? Oh my! The emotional energy that is wasted when I am so “me-centric” is grand. Now this does not mean that I allow others to treat me poorly nor does it mean that I don’t take a stand by choosing to honor my needs when it is appropriate and healthy. It just means easing up on the attachments, communicating with clarity to those in my atmosphere, and honoring everyone and the path they are walking. We are all doing our best with what we have and what we know. If we knew more, we would be doing it differently.

So gently I say to myself, “Sue, you are doing the best you can right now with what you know. You are a child of the Divine Creative Intelligence and inside you right now is everything you need. You need not to look far for the answers as they are already present within you. Quiet your heart and you shall hear the mysteries being revealed.”

With that I can only say “And so it is.”

~Sue Robson, RScP

Originally published May 14, 2009


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