Growth & Change

I have come to notice a change taking place inside me as I walk on this path of Spiritual discovery. I have become uncomfortable when either I participate in or observe other people participate in speaking behind the backs of others even if it seems righteously justified. How do I share this with those in my atmosphere without being judgmental? With love. It is my earnest feeling that participating in negative talk about others stifles my ability to hear Spirit and feel the Oneness of the universe. I endeavor to experience self mastery in this area. This does not only encompass how I speak (or think) about those in my immediate circle, job, or neighborhood but also those in public positions within the city, state, country and world. My words and thoughts go out into the universe and come back to me in the same nature I gave them. So sweet people, I choose to love; truly love by guarding the backs of people that are not there to defend themselves no matter what my opinion is and to remind us all that growth and change come as we choose the greater good which is to tread lightly, speak softly, love deeply and harm none.

~Sue Robson, RScP

Originally published May 9, 2009


3 thoughts on “Growth & Change

  1. While I applaud the sensitivity and the morality that are the basis for this, I have to contend that not all discussions held about a person without them being present constitutes gossip or “talking behind their backs”. At times, discussion of a person’s behavior or their impact on a group or project is necessary, particularly when they are as you mentioned personages in public positions with the city, state or nation. If one in a position of authority is not acting in the interest of the greater good, it is important to have the freedom to discuss and take appropriate measures.

  2. Two of my 7th grade students, just yesterday, asked me under what circumstances is it okay to talk about others when they are not present. I believed I answered in the spirit of your views. I said speaking about others is acceptable when the purpose is not to raise ourselves by seeing less in another, or for our entertainment. To seek information pertaining to someone’s welfare or success in their endeavors is acceptable.
    In response to Lacy and her views on public servants, discussion and judgment would pertain to their policies and how they effect the good of the whole, not on the persons themselves.

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