Ours is not to Force…

Ours is not to force but to allow the natural flow of Life to fill us and our day with Itself. To force is to push against “what is” which brings about stress, grief and a dissatisfied heart. It does not mean that we just sit back and let ourselves be dragged through the mire, but we should question our thoughts, motives, reactions and expectations towards people and ourselves and see if our attachments are contributing to the situations surrounding us. We can’t change other people; we can only change ourselves. We can though, after searching our own heart, share with another our need or desire, but it is not ours to force them to meet that need, to make us feel important, to fill the gap in our heart that has a deeper cause. It is ours to do our own work, to fill the need with the unlimited source of Life, by recognizing that Life is already in us, living as us and from that comes our acceptance of ourself.  Call this Life by any name that you are comfortable with but it is the wisdom and the intellegence and love that has always been there and we allow it to gently guide us through all things.

With hands open,



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