Journey to Freedom

Ever wonder why it takes longer to grasp a concept or learn a lesson? Have you ever been frustrated that you haven’t “gotten it” and keep struggling with the same old issue over and over; feeling stuck in an old story instead of moving forward in life? This is because each person has their own journey to freedom and each of us must discover what we need to do or learn in order to move out of undesirable cycles and into our natural greatness. It is in the conscious navigation of our own journey that we learn, grow and break the molds that have kept us from attaining our highest good. I say “break the molds” because of the universal law of reciprocity. Our thoughts and beliefs create the mold for Life to fill it with the same because for every visible form there is an invisible counterpart. It is when we become aware of this law, also known as the law of cause and effect, that we become responsible for our journey. If we blame others or circumstances outside of ourselves for holding us back, we will continue that same experience. But if we see that no one else is to blame or responsible except ourselves, then we gain the freedom we need to get out of our stuckness.

Sometimes our beliefs, known and unknown, can keep us stuck and becoming aware of a belief that is no longer true opens the door of awareness and change. Spiritual counseling provides a space for beliefs (past or current) to be reviewed and released if they no longer serve the person. Spiritual counseling provides a safe and confidential place for sharing concerns and issues so the cycle of stuckness can be dissolved and freedom can begin. If this is something you would like to experience, click on the “About Spiritual Counseling” tab to make an appointment.

Believing in Your Freedom,



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