Peace… in the midst of life…

I was writing back and forth with a friend and sometimes in the chat of regular happenings I am reminded that it is all regular. Cars break, kids get colds, things get lost, traffic happens and tasks are added to our daily list. Issues and challenges will continue in that we can’t wait for them to stop so we have time to practice sitting. It is in the sit, in the breath, in the pause that we give place for the peace that is already there to be recognized. We may even wonder “where is the peace for which I long?” But peace never leaves. Through my life I have been taught and encouraged to practice meditation… to sit in stillness. So I now encourage others to sit, breathe and not think of how or what to do next. Use a prayer mala and breathe deeply in and exhale slowly, one set per bead for 108 beads. In a daily practice like this you will find a space that is so sweetly yours, your place to find you, that it will allow space between you and the triggers that can come up during the day. I sit to find solace. Sometimes I take walks and have a wrist mala in my pocket. Is the mala magical… no, but it is an anchor, a tool to help center us when it seems the whirl of life’s activity spins us away from the peace that is ours. Then later, I find that as soon as I take my mala in my hand my heart goes “ahhhh” for it immediately recognizes that peace is right where I am.

For more information about prayer malas and meditation:

Peace to you,



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