Doggy Door Wisdom

Stormy: February 2012

We can learn a lot about life from our pets. Just last week, I purchased and installed a doggy door for the sliding glass patio door. I wanted my dog, Stormy, to be able to go in and out as she needed while we were away on a family day trip to the zoo. Stormy is 10 and I have had her in my life since she was 6 weeks old. I never needed to have a doggie door for her before as she is with me 95% of the time. So, we began training and she caught on quickly that she could push the flap open and come to me, especially since I was holding treats to reward her. Then I went outside without the treat and called her to me and she came. Again and again, she knew that she had the power to move in and out; that nothing was stopping her when I called to her.

Later on, it was time to test her without me telling her to go out. I wanted her to exercise her new found freedom. And to my surprise, she stood at the door and pawed it like she has since she was potty trained. I said “go on, go through the door” and with that she pushed the flap open and went through the door. I left the room and watched her from a distance. When she came back to the door she waited, just as she has done so many times before, for me to let her back in. I told her to come in a few times before she pushed in the flap. This went on throughout the evening and the next morning.

I was grateful that, at the last minute, a neighbor was going to be home and could check in on Stormy. Upon our return home that night, she excitedly greeted us per normal and then stood at the back door. “Oh my” I thought… even when she was alone, knowing that she had the freedom to go outside, she waited.

This experience allowed me to contemplate how we, even though we have freedom, remain stuck by our own choices or old beliefs. We have the power to move forward yet… we stand and wait for someone to open the door for us.

We may not understand the freedom that is ours and therefore stay bound by what we perceive as the truth of our life. It is during these times we need someone to remind us of our Truth; that we are more than the perceived circumstances we see. The door flap may look like a locked iron gate and hence we don’t trust it until someone else tells us it is OK. And like Stormy, we may need to be reminded.

It now has been a week and Stormy is starting to get it. She has begun to choose to go out without asking. We are still working on it, but we are moving forward and she gets praised for the choices she makes to exercise the new freedom that is hers.

What are the freedoms you have which you are not walking in? Push the flap open.

Open to Life,



2 thoughts on “Doggy Door Wisdom

  1. When my daughter turned 18 she proclaimed “I’m 18, I can do whatever I want”, and I wondered what it was she wanted to do that I hadn’t allowed her to do. I’ve never been a strict mother, I thought I went out of my way to allow both of my children do and enjoy whatever they wanted. I couldn’t believe my ears, “I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want”; was I jealous? Bewildered? I asked myself where I went wrong, how could she make such a statement. When she turned 18 I was 51 and still didn’t understand the concept of freedom. My baby taught me something, I began saying out loud, but mostly to myself, “I’m 51 and I can do whatever I want”. Love is like that ❤

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