I read this past week that it is not necessarily the darkness we fear but what we perceive to be in the darkness. I wish I could remember where I read it, but it reminded me that whatever we perceive to be negative, it perpetuates more of that in our lives. If we perceive “Mondays” to be bad, then we enter them with a sense of loathing, fear and resistance. If we see Mondays to be a fresh beginning whereby we can begin anew and determine for ourselves an outcome for our good, then the possibilities are endless and the outcome is much different.

Some of us are convinced that our perceptions and beliefs are so real that we will not investigate the possibility of something being different.  For some the thought of a different belief or perception being true can shake us; we may even feel that or identity is threatened. Yet, if we hold our beliefs or perceptions lightly in our hands with palms open, we become less affected by what other people say, think or believe. We also become less affected by change and we become less rigid, pliable and even peaceful in a world that change is always occurring.

Resistance stops the flow of the appearance of the goodness of Life from pouring itself into our atmosphere. Or should I say, resistance confines our perceptions into a box whereby we only see what we believe to be true; that there are scary things in the dark, that Mondays are bad, that change is not good, that one person’s music preference is less intelligent just because we don’t care for it ourselves.

I purposefully opened myself to listen to rap this past year with a fresh ear. I began to see these artists as people with their own desires, dreams and messages. Their hearts are just like everyone else’s and just like everything else, I like some expressions of music better than others. Yet I see it all as a form of creative art. We are all creative and express this creativity uniquely and wonderfully. And, in my willingness to embrace rap music a bit more, I removed judgment that I had been holding in my heart; discrimination if you will. Seeing and perceiving differently can release us from our judgments towards others and even ourselves. By changing my beliefs, I open myself up to see the world differently and I don’t call things right or wrong, good or bad. In this there is acceptance, in this there is freedom and in this I can see a world that works for everyone.

Life is forward moving and when we resist, we become rigid and in this, stress can be created, peace can be lost, we can become closed to options and opportunities for greater things because we are holding onto what we are familiar with so tightly that  our hands and hearts can’t open to receive.

What beliefs or perceptions are you holding on to that keep you confined? Where would you like to experience more freedom, more joy, peace or less fear and loathing? It starts by changing, or being willing to change one thought. And like looking into the dark, we can choose to believe that what is in there is good and we go look for the good.

Moving Forward,



One thought on “Perceptions

  1. I have a very hard time letting go of the perception that I must be nice to everyone in order for them to like me. Be nice, be nice, be nice! I’ll bend over backwards to please others in an attempt to gain their acceptance. I like nice people, who doesn’t. In my mind I know being nice to someone who has decided they dislike me, for whatever reason, isn’t being nice to myself. My father never criticized me, but in an attempt to help me he asked me why I wanted everybody to love me; I still don’t have that answer. In any case, I carry on, and try to look deeper into my own heart as to why the approval of others is so important to me. Perhaps I need to learn to love myself. That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks, cousin ❤

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