Unlimited Possibilities


This morning I find life bustling all about. The air is crisp and the sun is shining. Birds are fully engaged in their morning ritual and I even hear the sounds of creativity coming from the kitchen down the hall. And what I sense, what I know to be true here, is happening repeatedly elsewhere. The creative force of Life, that which we are all a part of, is expressing abundantly. When we remember or become consciously aware of our connection to this activity, the possibilities of what we can do are endless. Everything our hand touches is creating a change. Every thought we think sets in motion an outcome. We are creating, moment by moment, our experiences which opens us to the idea of personal responsibility. We are not lumps of clay on a potter’s wheel being formed into a shape for which we must succumb, but we are co-creators with choice and volition, desires and dreams, energy and intelligence. And what we seek to do and to become is also seeking us. It calls to us and for us to not heed the yearning of the heart seems so unnatural because its call becomes even louder and uses what is necessary to get our attention. It is that which is inside us, calling us to be our true selves; that intuition which guides us to our good.

What is calling to you? What is yours to do today? When you begin to do it, you open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities, the unlimited creative energy that is everywhere.

Creatively Open,



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