Why am I “Seeing Good at Work”

Our job, that place we go to each day and give of our time and talent, is a place where life happens. We intermingle with people, different personalities and we experience personal gain, satisfaction as well as challenges and conflict. The place where we spend most of our time is one that teaches us our greatest lessons – if we let it.

I have been reading the book “Seeing Good at Work” by Dr. Joyce Duffala and Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen. It teaches 52 weekly steps, when embraced and practiced, that can transform your workplace experience. I actually suggest reading the book completely first and then going back and working through each of the steps and applying them, one week at a time, to fully see and experience the positive effects you can have in your work life. Each reading is short with an exercise that is simple and which points us in the direction of seeing the best in ourselves as well as our co-workers in any situation. The benefits will not only help us at the job site or in the office, but in all of our relationships as we begin to see our connection with all people.

Sometime we forget the simplest of tools which can help make a busy day more peaceful. Such as:

  • Avoiding Assumptions
  • Questioning Our Reactions
  • Taking time to Breathe
  • Paying Attention to our Inner Thoughts
  • Being Grateful
  • Looking for the Good in Others
  • Not Blaming
  • Accepting Help from Others
  • Coping with Change
  • Taking Risks
  • and much more

Learning how to take time before we enter our day, before we enter into the atmosphere¬†of our busy work environment, will set us up for success, peace and an overall better experience with those for which we spend the most time. I personally know the difference it makes and when I allow the excuses of “it’s too busy”,” I can’t take the time now”, or” I’ll practice this later” and so does my co-workers! Taking time throughout the week and walking through one of these exercises in this book will become a stepping stone to making your work life better by becoming more conscious of how you contribute to it by your thoughts, perceptions and choices.

I feel this book could be a recommended reading for groups, allowing a safe space for open dialog or maybe a secure blog for members to write and share their thoughts and experiences if it is their desire to do so.

Seeing our Good,





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