Trusting in the Moment

What I know at any given time is all I need for that moment. Then as I step back I see how each moment is connected with the one before and the one before that; thereby seeing the connections and how perfectly all things work together. As I understand this more, I grow in my faith and trust of Spirit and how It guides all activity for the Highest Good. Good is always the outcome. I open myself to see it. Each moment is connected and fits perfectly the grand picture of life as I know it. To know with my whole heart that “something wonderful is coming from this” allows me to breathe, to rest in this moment, to trust the process of life and that I’m being prepared for the next moment. My choice is to allow the flow, the process to take place with an open heart and hands; not grasping, but trusting that what is right before me is perfect; that which is for my highest good and the highest good for all involved.

My hope is for you to trust each moment as it unfolds with an open heart and to know that you have all you need to move through each one.

Trusting with you,



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