Standing on the Edge

Some time ago I was walking around a nearby lake and came upon a little doc that ended at the water’s edge. There was a break in the weather yet the clouds told of what was yet to come. I took advantage of the moment and walked a familiar path that I have walked many times in the 22 years I have lived in this area. But when I came to this little doc I paused for an extended amount of time. The edge of the doc was inviting. Was it the sudden change, the drop into the water, the different scenery or the unknown itself? I imagined seeing a small boat moored to the doc, and given the opportunity, I would have jumped in and released the lines to allow me float into the middle of the lake without a bit of concern as to what was under me or even if it should begin to rain. No fear, just a feeling of freedom in doing something new and unplanned.

To live fully is to live in freedom even if we don’t know what the next moment will bring. It is risky to move into the unknown but it is here that we see just how capable we are; how strong or how wise we have become. To live fully is to be unrestrained by any sense of inability, but to have a firm resolve that all we need will be provided as the next step is taken into new territory.

So as I stood on the edge that day, I used it as a metaphor and asked myself, where in my life am I standing on the edge with fear? Where have I been hesitant to jump or where am I unwilling to move forward into the unknown and explore possibilities that I have no idea exist outside of my own understanding? Was it not from previous risks and choices that I have come to be where I am today? And if all I needed was provided, would not that also be the case as I step out again? Yes!

I know that moving forward into the unknown can be scary and sometimes we need a hand to steady and support us as we take steps into new chapters of our lives. Occasionally just the act of speaking our thoughts and ideas to another person brings clarity and peace and should this be something you would like to experience, spiritual counseling in an affirmative confidential atmosphere, I have several evening and weekend appointments available. Click on the “About Spiritual Counseling / Appointments” tab to contact me.

In Support and Service,



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