Shift Happens

There are moments in our lives where from that point forward everything, all that we identify with or life as we knew and understood it to be, changes. Whether it was a book that we read or an event that took place or a desire to step into a new beginning; leaving the old behind, all constitutes an avenue of transformation. At the Center for Spiritual Living, where I serve as a Licensed Practitioner, our theme for the month of April is Sowing Seeds of Change. I have the ability to change my life for it is what I make of it. I can investigate my thoughts and actions and see just how I have been contributing to the outcome of events around me.  

It is always amazing to me that as I embrace a theme or a topic Life shows me just what I need to know. I see where I need to make a shift in my beliefs or where I need to have a bigger idea so that the shift I desire can occur. That “bigger Idea” is our consciousness expanding. It is the growth that occurs when we move out in faith and embrace change. I have been reading a book by Dennis Merritt Jones called “The Art of Uncertainty” and it is filled with useful tools of embracing the mystery of life and moving forward even when we don’t know what it is that we are moving into. He says, “Every action you take moves you one step closer to either evolution and expansion or redundancy and a reduction of your life force. The moment you make the decision either to act and grow, or not to act and thus to wither, the universe honors your choice in an impartial way.” I choose to expand. I choose to change and thus open myself up to the mystery.

Now and then we are thrust in to change due to an illness, a relationship ending, job lose or other events. We didn’t see it coming, it wasn’t something we chose, but we are faced with an immediate change. It is my belief that after the initial stun or shock has past, what we do and how we react is based on our daily spiritual practice and how we embrace change in our everyday activities of work, home, plans and dreams. Where do we hold on too tightly? Do we have expectations? Or do we posture our hearts and hands open, thereby freeing ourselves of needless suffering? It is here, during these times, where we may need to be reminded that Divinity is at the center of all life and our ability to see It is equal to us being open to It.

Where do you see room in your life to act and grow? Do you know of a thought or belief that needs to change? Is your heart open to the mystery or clutched in fear of losing something that you know is really not yours to hold? Below are a couple of links to other readings that furthers this idea of change and that our thoughts create our experiences. May you be moved to embrace it as your own and to share this with someone special.

The picture above is an old Shift Key from an early 1900’s typewriter. It was creatively turned into a necklace by Artist Teresa Deleen I purchased it after lunch this past week from Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael and it is my reminder to be open to Shift or Change as it were because… Shift Happens.

Open to you,



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