What is Spirit Walks?

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have been a lover of walking and hiking for a long time. Take me to a beach with a long shoreline and you might as well say “see ya in 4 hours.” I love walking on the water’s edge no matter what the weather or the temperature is outside. The healing power of natures calls to me. I began hiking as a teen with my mom and her friends. I was introduced to the local trails and beaches in Southern California and and fell in love with them. The beaches, hills and mountains north of San Francisco are just as beautiful and my desire is to help us get out there; be with nature a few hours a month with other spiritual beings. Most people, like myself, spend a lot of time indoors sitting at a computer and talking on the phone. We forget just how rejuvenating it is to be outside with good company. This is why I created “Spirit Walks” and thereby planning 1 or 2 events a month where folks can come together to enjoy nature, move the body, experience a feeling of community as well as meditation and prayer.

Day Hikes: Day hikes can range from easy to advance.  Each hike will have a break in the middle where we take time to get to know each other a little better, have our lunch or snack that we brought, as well as share thoughts or ideas that come up during our hike.



Walking Meditations: Walking meditations are about being somewhere versus going somewhere. They are about the breath and the step. As we walk we look softly at our surroundings allowing our eyes to gently smile and letting that smile move through our entire bodies. By doing this we can release that which no longer serves our higher good. As we walk in silence we allow for spaciousness in our lives; space for the answers we may need to show themselves perfectly.



Beach Walks: Beach walks are just that… a walk on the beach; allowing our minds to wander as we look around. We take in the sounds of the crashing waves, watch the birds fly over the water, feel the water on our feet and share in a conversation if that is our desire. A walk on the beach is relaxing as well as good exercise. It gives space to think about current happenings or allows us time to hear what our intuition is trying to say.

Click on this LINK to view and / or print the Spirit Walks brochure if you like.

Go to the Events tab of this site to see the schedule of Walks and other activities. 

Getting Outside,



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