Nature Conspires…

Have you ever gone for a stroll on a side walk only to see a flower or tree growing from a crevice? You wonder to yourself “how in the heck could something grow there?” Maybe you give it an extra moment of attention and then go on your way. Today, as I was outside at lunch time with my dog Stormy, I saw such a thing; a fledgling pine tree growing in the crack where we walk daily. I stopped. I looked. I took this picture of it as I was reminded about the nature of Nature. Nature conspires to express Itself. It knows how to grow and doesn’t consider the conditions for which it does its growing. It doesn’t say “it’s too hard” or “I’m not supposed to grow here.” Nature doesn’t see limitations nor does it look towards any implications of doing so. It only knows how to grow; to collaborate with the immutable laws of Life Itself.

And so I ponder… where do I choose not to grow because it is too hard? Where do I judge the conditions as not suitable for the type of growth I want to experience? Do I wait until my surroundings are just “right” or for my life to be more tidy before I open up to new possibilities; possibilities that have always been present? Nature and Life conspires to grow right where it is and that is right where I am; in the here and now.

Growing right where I am,



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