Mantra and the Mala

Wrapping the Tassel

I began using and making Prayer Malas when I was taking a class called Spiritual Practices for Daily Living. It was also a time when I needed to become more focused in my meditation and prayer. I studied various forms of meditation and when I was introduced to mala beads, I felt like a spiritual door had opened and I moved deeper into my own prayer practice. With a prayer mala, one can stay focused in reciting various mantras. The hands are just slightly engaged providing, a place to release energy and allowing the mind to relax.

According to the Ram Dass in his book called Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook, “You pass the beads across your fingers, bead by bead, with each repetition of the mantra. If your mind wanders, the activity of the hand or the touch of the bead will remind you of the mantra. The rhythm becomes more compelling, the experience more total as your body works in harmony with the mind.” Mantra and the mala is a harmonious practice and making them is a meditative experience as well.

To see more information regarding a workshop about making your own Prayer Mala, click on the link below.

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One thought on “Mantra and the Mala

  1. Both my parents used prayer beads..Dad’s were made or tiger eye and mom’s were wooden beads. She was constantly repeating her own series of the names of God, whether with beads or not. It’s the think I remember most… her lips constantly moving in Praise and Gratitude. Thank you for your lovely post.

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