Autumn Flowers

There is a ceramic pot I bought 10 years ago. I grew Mexican Sage in it for some time but the last couple years the pot has been empty. Today as I drove around with my dog, I stopped to pick up soil and some flowers. It was time to fill a space that had been empty too long. The flowers I chose actually chose me; four different colors of mums and some pansies.  I knew just how the were going to fill my blue ceramic pot and with delight I purchased my flowers and brought them home.


The back yard lighting was sweet… golden autumn sun and an eastern breeze which carried a scent of warm leaves. I got my trowel and hose and began to transfer the soil. I made it moist and added more; churning it with the same care my mom does when she prepares a space for new plants. Each of the mums were placed and then the 6 pansies; 3 on each side. It was a peaceful, creative time. I sat for a while afterwards next to my flowers. It was good just to be in the moment; to co-create beauty for no other reason than to enjoy.

I am grateful for this day, for a drive with my dog and for flowers filling a space again with joy and life.

Mums the word,




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