We May Not Always be Understood

We may not always be understood. In fact, we will be mis-understood. Yet it is ours to be genuine and to do our best and be true to ourselves and to harm none with our actions and words. Yet what do we do when it is apparent that we have been mis-understood? I know for me that I need to search my heart, to see if there be anything I can address and to forgive myself where I may have missed the mark knowingly or unknowingly. I love words and I take care when I bring them together as an artist brings colors together in a painting. But even colors mixed with the best artistic vision will not be seen the same way to all. So in my transparency, in my desire to be real at all times, to be open and speak from my heart – assumptions, projections and expectations of my own and those of others will creep in and mask the Reality of who we really are; a Divine place where Spirit is expressing and showing up perfectly and guiding us to our highest good. If we see this, if we remember that each of us is the face of God and we are a part of each other, then we can go beyond the outer colors and to the core of the heart where the real Creative Expression dwells.

Palms Together,



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