Creative Togetherness

Zen Garden beforeI spent time today at home with my beloved. It was so wonderful as it rarely happens on a weekday. Each of us were being creative and in a place of ease. There is such a need for days like this where we purpose ourselves not to fill the day with tasks and errands, but to allow ourselves to be simply in the moment. We were creative though, and spent time together doing our own fulfilling gift.

Jo loves to work the soil and walk in the garden. She lets it speak to her and listens to her intuition as it guides her as to what needs to be moved or nutured. Jo clears the space for new growth and designs little Zen spaces just to enjoy. She truly becomes one with nature and the act restores her and fills her up.




I bead… I make earrings, necklaces and bracelets but I really enjoy making prayer malas. I sell them at at Stepping Stones Books & Gifts in Santa Rosa as well as direct through home workshops and on my website at

Today’s mala was truly an unplanned creation. It is made from blue ceramic, trade beads and wood. I enjoyed mixing the colors in the tassel to match the beads.

Blue Mala 4










Creative Togetherness is a fun way to spend a day. There were no expectations; only the moment guiding us. From time to time we would stop and show each other what we were doing and delight in knowing the other was in their bliss.

Creatively One,



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