Getting Inspired…

Our heads can be full of so much activity that the thought of slowing down is over-whelming. If you are like me, there are to-do lists for work, home, yard as well as wish lists of what we would like to do for fun. A way that helps me to slow down is to read something fairly short and sit with the message and ponder how it moves through my heart and body. I love this little book by Julia Cameron called: Inspirations – Meditations from the Artist’s Way.

Each page is a chance to shift my mind from whatever has me hurrying and fussing and go into the present moment of my heart. Today I opened to page 34 and read the following:

“Dependence on the creator within is really freedom from all other dependencies. Paradoxically, it is also the only route to real intimacy with other human beings. Freed from our terrible fears of abandonment, we are able to live with more spontaneity. Freed from our constant demands for more and more reassurance, our fellows are able to love us back without feeling so burdened.”

So with that I sit quietly and allow the words just to sink into the fibers of my body and I let it go where it needs to go and show me what it needs to reveal. Do I have any dependencies that need to be released? Do I have any fears of abandonment that keeps me rigid and stuck. Do I look for constant reassurance through words or actions that I am good enough, loved enough, or needed? Whatever the reading is for the day, I can just allow it, in the quietness of meditative contemplation, show me what I need to know and I note it and move deeper next time on that specific awareness.

My hope is that you too get inspired through contemplative meditation and slow down long enough to hear your heart tell you things that you need to know.



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