But First There Was Darkness

CandleSome ideas just come to us. We get a creative spark and go for it. It could be how to blend a medium of color or how to rearrange a room to bring greater functionality. Sometimes I will be driving to the office and get an idea how to solve a challenge that came up during a phone call the other day. Creativity seems instant at times and yet when we are looking for ideas, solutions or clarity we can feel like it is not within our reach. It’s “out there” and we have to struggle to get it, to find it or we feel it is not ours to have. I know this feeling well. I have been contemplating how to arrange my schedule and desires, my spiritual practice and physical exercise as well as family time and the need to work to pay the bills and be a contribution to something greater than myself. All of this takes creativity. All these things are valuable and worthwhile. Yet, one can feel in the dark as to how to do it all. Some of you might be thinking about this as well and asking questions such as, “how do I bring more balance into my life?” or “how can I be more creative with my time?” Maybe you too are looking at rearranging a room or finding a solution to a situation you have been contemplating and if you are, you might find what I read this past week as helpful as I did.

“Creativity – like human life – begins in darkness. We need to acknowledge this. All too often, we think only in terms of light: “And the lightbulb went on and I got it!” It is true that insights may come to us as flashes. It is true that some of these flashes may be blinding. It is, however, also true that such bright ideas are preceded by a gestation period that is interior, murky and completely necessary.”  ~ Julia Cameron, Inspirations: Meditations from the Artist’s Way p.82.

So we can take courage from this and remember that when it seems we are not “getting it” or that we feel we are in the dark about some issue or challenge and that creativity seems stagnant, know that what you need is forming. It is being nurtured in the darkness of gestation and its arrival will be perfect and the solution will be exactly what is needed.

Coming out of the dark,



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