Changing Definitions


I remember being in the fourth grade and studying for my vocabulary tests that occurred weekly. I would go to the big dictionary at home and look up the words. I would write out the definitions and study them. Some words had more than one definition depending how the word was used. But for the most part, we were taught that these meanings were set in stone as well as how they were applied in our lives.

In a class about Self Inquiry, I am being encouraged to rethink what I believe. I am investigating how I talk and what I talk about, what I think success and failure really are and to release the reactions of others as those reactions have nothing to do about me. I see this as a fresh time to look within and by doing so, exercising the power of freedom. It’s big and deep work. It is going to another level of exploration. It takes courage to inquire within and look at beliefs and thoughts and definitions and evaluate if they are no longer working; no longer leading me to my highest good. Then it takes another dose of courage to release and let go of the old definitions and discover what is real and true for me now; thus stepping into a more authenic me.

So like the early exploration teams that went out to discover uncharted territory with ideas and conceptions about what might be out there, only to have that be changed during their actual journey; I also become changed as I chart the inner workings of my consciousness and see the vast, true landscape that is mine and walk the trails that I am to discover. This is self inquiry.  This is the opening of my heart to something bigger than what I have believed up until now. What is fascinating about this is I can do this work on any topic, on any situation in my life and be shown something I have not considered before. Thus, being open to the consideration of something new, I get to create new definitions.




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