Sacred Experiences

What is sacred? Is it a breath… first, last or even all of them? What about time… the brief moment when one glances in the eyes of a child, a beloved or one whom is about to depart? How about witnessing nature in all her expanse, in all of her beauty and power to the point it catches one in speechless awe? Or it is an experience when the heart connects to that thread of life that makes you feel so present and at that same time the wide open spaces of possibility fills your consciousness in that there is no doubt you have connected with something bigger than yourself and at the same time you are the experience. Sacred.

Sacred is a term that traditionally defines something as holy, something that is to be set aside for religious purposes. Some may even deem that the sacredness of an act or object is not to be questioned, challenged or even disrespected. This act of setting apart could lead to the feeling of duality, separateness or even an us and them state of mind. But I can tell you that the most common act can be sacred because in that moment there is a connection to something beyond that moment.

A little over a week ago I set out to look for a 2014 appointment calendar. I had just gone over the last year’s activities and was logging them into a report I needed to hand in for my re-licensing. It was an eye opening experience to see all that I have done and the lives that I have been in touch with as I reviewed my volunteer work, my appointments and my continuing education. So with 2013 quickly wrapping up, I took the time to go out and look for a new calendar to begin writing down dates that were already being marked for activity.

Barnes & Noble, Santa Rosa, CA

Barnes & Noble, Santa Rosa, CA

As I entered the local Barnes & Noble, I immediately saw a colleague with whom many activities are shared throughout the year. We greeted each other and talked about our day while he amended his coffee to his liking. Saying goodbye, I continued into the store with a wide-eyed excitement. This two storied building with it’s sights, sounds and the scent of books and brewed coffee is like an oasis to this writer’s soul. Heading to the calendars, I see someone familiar looking back at me. She asked if I worked there and I replied “no, but you look like someone I know.” We established our common ground and began talking. I shared about my search for the perfect calendar and she talked about how her schedule has become completely free as she is in the midst of changing careers. We spoke of art and counseling, websites and trusting the unknown. It was another moment set aside for a chance meeting. Or was it chance? Time passed and at the conclusion of our conversation we continued with our individual pursuits. Ah… the calendars at last. Five rows of different sized books of weekly, monthly, daily, scholastic, annotated, perforated, spiral, stitched, cloth, leather, vinyl, with or without ribbons and colors for every imaginable taste. I looked for what I knew, what I had used before. I looked and reviewed new formats and saw their possibilities while some didn’t even achieve my interest. I had reviewed all 5 rows and I was beginning to feel I would have to leave without making a choice. I then turned the corner and on the last end-cap, I saw it. I bent down to the bottom shelf and as I touched it there was that moment, that moment I deemed as sacred, where I

Open to Possibilities

Open to Possibilities

saw the possibilities of the next year. I felt present as I realized that I was being open to what is to come, what would fill those pages, the people who will come into my life. I felt connected to something bigger; to the wide open space that was created right at that moment. There was a sacredness right then; for the thread of Life went out from me into the future expanse and back into all that I had ever done. There was no beginning and no end. All I saw and felt was the connection. And this particular appointment calendar, that seemingly chose me, gets to be where the new year’s activities, experiences and notes will be jotted down and those blank pages I looked upon are evidence of the possibilities that await for me. Sacred.

These connections, these acts are happening all the time. We can be looking for something very common and when we reach out to pick it up our mind, for a moment, witnesses the expanse that is made in the universal timeline with that one action. Everything we do, all that we set our intentions on, the words that we say or write down makes a ripple into the creative unfoldment of the many. That is sacred!

What are some of those ordinary moments where you know you are connected to something bigger than yourself? Please share. I would love to read about them.

Living in awe,



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