Changes Come… Some with Signs

Altocumulus Clouds

Altocumulus Clouds

How many times have you heard “I didn’t know it was going to rain” from a friend or co-worker? Maybe even yourself? You or they had no clue it was coming and it caught everyone off guard. But, if one had looked at the sky the day before, the clouds would have hinted to the change. Those “popcorn” looking altocumulus clouds that covered the sky, giving it depth, conveyed that there was a possibility of change in the weather.

I had always looked at the sky. I found it fascinating and at times I became lost in the clouds. In my high school track class, we would lie on the grass to stretch our legs and while doing so I would pause and just stare at the sky. And in doing that often, I became aware of the changes that took place, the differences that showed themselves. At that time I didn’t know what each change meant. But as I gained experience, I saw the patterns; the shift in clouds, the breeze and even the smell of

Stratus Undulatus Clouds

Stratus Undulatus Clouds

the air. The wind that comes from the east smells so different than the wind from the north or even the west. The air can change from being moist to extremely dry and my skin senses that and requires lotion to feel hydrated. All of these things were signs and as my love for the clouds and the sky increased, I naturally learned about weather patterns and looked at books that explained what I was observing. I was even a little surprised that what I was guessing about the changes I saw in the weather were not far off from the actual. Because of this, I began to trust what I saw and trust my intuition.

We can take this same principle and apply it to other areas of our lives. As we take the time to sit and observe our own inner workings, we can become more aware of the hidden beliefs; those thoughts that have an effect on our own conditions; the weather patterns of our own lives. When we experience particular challenges over and over again, we can look to the “clouds” per se and recognize why things keep occurring. Little by little the surprise is taken out of the equation and we can piece together the cause and effect of our actions or thoughts and make changes accordingly. The signs are always there. It is the purposeful practice of observation that leads to knowing that a change is coming and that we won’t be caught unprepared.

One last thought… sometimes change can happen without any warning, without any precursor cloud to give us a hint. But the practice of daily observing, call it meditation and contemplation, helps us handle that which is unpredictable because it strengthens our intuition (our inner knower) and it guides us every step of the way.

Looking to the Clouds,



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