Thank you for showing up today!

List of things to doToday, like any other Saturday, was filled with things I needed and wanted to do. You know… the list that you make throughout the week of things you want to get done on the weekend. It was not just me taking care of me; I needed the help of others to complete my tasks. The tech at the Smog Station was the first to help me with a certificate to re-register one of my cars. Next was the waitress at the restaurant down on the boulevard that brought my morning cup of coffee and my breakfast. And let me not forget the person who cooked the meal. After breakfast I drove to the salon where I get my hair trimmed. The woman was standing there as if she was waiting for me to arrive. She provided me with a service I could not do myself. As I drove home to drop a few things off and change out the laundry, I started to think about the 4 people I already had contact with this morning and thought about how they had started their day with the purpose to serve whoever came into the doors where they were employed. I went out into town again but this time to the carwash. Prior to the drought I washed my own vehicles. But now that it is frowned upon, and rightly so, I needed the help from this type of place where recycled water is used. From the time I arrived, to the time I left, there were 7 people that assisted me in completing another desired task on my list.

Now I am up to 11 people which I have been personally in contact with before noon today. Each person was there for me, each with their own lives and stories of how they got to work today. Most, I assume, have families whom they said good-bye to as they left their homes this morning. Each of these people has their own lists and needs for which they will need the services of others to accomplish. And then I began to think, why do I wake up in the morning? What am I here to do today? Will what I do today make a difference in someone’s life as these 11 people have already done for me? It is this type of thinking that brings a fresh energy to my thoughts. I am not here alone in this world. I am a vital part of the bigger picture. Each of us has time and talent, passion and willingness, and the need to work and be compensated for our efforts. And in this exchange of goods, services and time, we make the world a better place for everyone one person at a time. We help make a world that works for everyone!

Thank you for showing up today! You make a difference!




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