Visioning: Two Ways to Vision for your Life

Creek PathThe topic of Visioning has come up a lot lately. It was on my mind a few weeks ago and hence, I mentioned that I would write about it soon. I practice two types of visioning along with my prayer practice, contemplative writing and meditation.
The first type of visioning I do combines thoughtful awareness with feelings. What is it that makes our hearts leap? What is it that brings us Joy and Happiness? If you were to create a vision board by attaching pictures from a multitude of magazines, what pictures would you use? It is those pictures or images that we should include in this specific visioning practice. I say “practice” because as we practice something each day, it brings our focus and energy to the area in our life we want to experience change. And who doesn’t want more joy and happiness in their lives?

Visioning for the Manifestation of your Dreams and Goals

So, I take 5 or 10 minutes a day to focus on what it would feel like to have more joy andMorning Whispers happiness in my life. I see myself walking on the water’s edge at the beach and I see myself smiling and healthy and able to walk with ease. I, then, see myself being surrounded by love and beauty and I deeply feel how that makes my heart very glad. I feel the emotion in my mind and body. I observe myself in the company of good, loving and joyful people that are celebrating life with me and the successes that have come into our lives. I notice that I am surrounded by things that make me happy such as spaciousness, good foods, books and things that exude abundance, love, health, beauty, travel, writing, teaching, art and creativity. I even smell the fresh ocean air and hear the seagulls in the background. Yes, I use all of my senses and visualize what it is I would like to be a part of my life. During this time I do not try to figure out how this is going to manifest in my life. No, I just infuse my visioning time with images and feelings of what I desire to be in my life. The important part of this exercise is to keep it short, do it only once or twice a day and then I move into my day as it is and trust that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf. I don’t want to dwell on those images all day, thinking more is better, as I would not be living in the present moment.

Visioning to Gain Insight

Another form of visioning is for the purposes of listening. For this one, we ask Spirit or our Higher Power to show us what is ours to know or understand regarding a topic that is on our hearts. During this time, I quiet my heart and mind while sitting somewhere comfortable. I will have a pen and paper ready to jot down words or thoughts that come to mind. I may see an image or even smell something during this time of visioning. I will ask these questions, one at a time, and pause to see or feel what may come to my awareness.

1. What is mine to know right now about_______________________?
2. What is mine to do today about______________________?
3. Is there anything I need to release regarding this?
4. What is my next step?
5. Is there anything else that I need to be aware about or know?

I will sometimes have these questions already jotted down on my paper and once my visioning time is over, I give thanks for the time and for whatever thoughts or impressions I have received. I date the paper and I may make a few more notes if there is an action I need to take.

I hope these two different types of visioning techniques are helpful to you. You may even have other ideas or experiences that can be incorporated. As always, I welcome your comments.




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