SOM1I have written many affirmations that I use in my daily life. They affirm the good, redirect my thoughts to the positive and transform my mind. Please choose and use the affirmations that you want to see manifested in your life. Read them to yourself, say them out loud in the car, write them down on a blank piece of paper and draw a picture around them as you think of the words, meditate on them before you sleep and see your life transform by simply being willing to change the way you think.

I know that I am one with Life. My Good comes to me in many forms. I accept my Good now.

I open my heart to my inner knowing. It leads me to my highest good.

I choose situations that lift me up and rejuvenate my spirit. I am responsible for how I feel.

I have everything I need to be happy inside of me. I create my own happiness by the thoughts I choose to embrace.

I am creative and my creativity is desired and needed by many.

I release and let go of the struggle. I feel and let it be.

When I don’t know the words I should speak or pray, Spirit speaks and prays though me. I am Spirit’s instrument of compassion.

I am centered in the Love and Joy of being alive. I flow with Life. Peace of mind is mine!

I trust the wisdom from within. It always leads me to my good.

I am organized and my mind is clear. I am able to understand new concepts with ease.

I enter the New Year knowing that everything I receive from it will be what I have intended.

Everything I need to say, do and know regarding life is in my grasp since the mind of the Divine is in me.

I release and let go of thoughts and things that no longer serve me. I make room for new life to fill my heart and mind.

I do wonderful work in the world.

I am a motivated, inspired creation of God. Any task before me is met with ease and joy.

I am fearless and energized; focused and driven to accomplish great things.

Transformation is in my every step. I see the vision and it is done.

I am creative and filled with powerful energy that transforms my world.

I am focused and clear in everything I do.

I am whole, healthy and complete.

I accept my good now.

Abundance is coming to me from known and unknown sources.

With ease I can see an abundance of options and opportunities in every situation.

I am a peaceful and loving person.

I forgive easily and quickly without reservation.

I work with loving and joyful people.

My attitude is one of love because I am Love.

I am empowered and energized with Divine intelligence and creativity.

I walk confidently into my work day knowing all is well.

Everything I need to be successful is coming to me from all directions of the Universe.

Abundance is being Divinely supplied in the here and now.

I accept infinite abundance in all forms, in all areas of my life.

I am full of Love, Peace and Joy.

I love my body and feed it healthy and nutritious foods.

I fall asleep easily and the rest I receive is healing.

I am open to change. New adventures are welcomed and embraced.

My body is healthy and strong. I give it the love and exercise it needs.

I am protected and safe wherever I am.

Divine Intelligence guides my every step. I know exactly what to do in every situation.

I release my past and open myself to new opportunities now.

I have healthy, balanced, nurturing relationships that are open, loving and honest.

I make good decisions. I trust my intuition and it guides me.

The Universe always says yes; therefore, I always think loving, positive thoughts.

My actions are divinely orchestrated. In the blessed freedom I have in Spirit, I have the direct power to choose my destiny.

With relaxed hands and an open heart I embrace new beginnings and endings with wisdom and clarity and a knowledge of what I need

I move forward in the newness of the moment and I am blessed with wonderful surprizes.

Everything I need to know is within me and is revealed to my higher Self at the right time.

The Universe denies me nothing according to my faith and belief of the good that is mine now.

I know exactly what to do in every situation.

I choose to forgive and release the past. I have the choice to move forward in life and so I make that choice now.

I have many choices to choose from. I have a limitless suppy of intelligence guiding my every step.

My life, my happiness is dictated by my thoughts. Therefore, I choose now to think only about the Good I want in my life.

Today I celebrate my accomplishments. I see all the Good I have done and smile.


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