About Sue Robson, RScP

I am a Licensed Spiritual Coach / Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Through creativity and compassion, I am committed to helping others express their true selves and live the life we all desire; thereby contributing to the empowerment of all beings. Life is filled with Infinite Possibilities and by being aware of what we are thinking, we can take our lives to new directions.

Let’s Do What We Love!

“Do not secure your future without securing your intentions. Find out what you want.”

The above quote is by Tama Kieves in her book ‘This Time I Dance.’ As we close this year and open a new one, I feel it is time that, not just I, but each of us leans into what we want to express. We are here on this planet and we might as well do what we love to do… do what lights a spark in our minds, hearts, and bodies… do what thrills us because, when we do… we benefit so many other people. Why? Because we are not bringing dread into our atmosphere, but rather joy and passion and the fruit of us doing what our soul desires.

Each of us has a gift. Each of us can share with those near us from the basket of our gifts. Then, those that are around us can see that it is possible to do what you love and lift the world to be #aworldthatworksforeveryone.

We can be so good doing things daily that doesn’t really excite us and at the end of the day, we are tired and feel lacking. For 2018, let’s shift our intentions to that of seeing excitement, joy, fulfillment, vitality, and passion come into our lives… into our atmosphere. Sit just a few minutes a day and imagine yourself beaming with joy, filled with excitement, and exuding passion. Feel that? Then, see or imagine what you are doing as you are feeling this. What surfaces… what dream has been buried or what new dream or idea emerges? That is inspiration. That is the longing of your heart urging you into your Greater Good. A daily dose of this practice, just for a few minutes, will open the gates of newness and allow fresh possibilities to show themselves to you!

Affirming for us a New Year filled with all we love and the fulfillment of our heart’s longings.

Love to all,




What’s in your Closet? a.k.a. Beliefs Around Money, Habits, and Dreams


I have been loving the activity on my last post about Contemplative Writing! Funny thing is… I got distracted this morning as I was about to write my 750 Words i.e. my brain dump for the day. I reached over to grab a book to raise my laptop a little higher and I began reading it instead. It was a book my Mom gave me some time ago called Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I love “dropping into it” and re-reading some of the simple and logical ways that he explains things about money, debt, savings and living. He really makes things clear and stirs the excitement about the topic of money. Another book about money that I have enjoyed reading this past year is called The Money Keys by Karen Russo. She uses spiritual principles and tools that unlock some of the mysteries around money, beliefs and freedom. One of the things she teaches is that we need to be aware of the old beliefs that may be holding us back from obtaining our goals, even if that goal is to get out of debt and have a savings account. I took her workshop and would advise anyone to at least visit her website at www.themoneykeys.com. She offers a Money Keys Starter Kit. Both Karen’s and Dave’s books contain essential, sound instructions for financial healing and wholeness.

My distraction was not really a distraction, but the leading of my higher Self to write and share about this topic. Money doesn’t get talked about enough in this light. Our thinking around it, our beliefs about it, and the swirling feelings that get stirred need to be looked at, explored, and taken out of the closet to allow healing to occur. Anything is possible once we start taking steps towards our goals and everything is possible when we take action. Sometimes, I take a look back to where I was 12 years ago and I pause to give thanks for the many, many things that happened. I was in a lot of debt, working two jobs, a relationship was ending and I chose to claim bankruptcy. I was pretty down on myself during that period of my life. I realized that was the time to start making some changes. These changes took place in all areas of my life, not just one or two. I began with buying only what I could pay for at the time I bought it. I created a budget and consulted it often. I began reading books that helped me with my beliefs about life, about myself and provided inspiration to take new actions. I began going to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa where I was able to surround myself with loving people who accepted me just the way I was and just the way I wasn’t. I heard the message that I can change my life by simply choosing to change my mind. I started taking workshops and classes at the Center and through them I met people who became friends and part of my support system. Then, 7 years later, I became a Licensed Prayer Practitioner! How cool is that?

It is never too late to start a new path. It is never too late to reset one’s goals and dreams! Life is full and the journey is a fabulous one! The Universe conspires on our behalf every day to do what we believe can happen. I am so grateful that I learned that I could stay out of debt, change my habits, and live a more fulfilled and abundant life. I love sharing this story and I am available to talk with anyone who would like support in manifesting desired dreams.

The Closet is Open,


Why Taking out the Trash Clears Your Mind – The Art of Contemplative Writing



When I was young, one of the chores I did daily was to take the house trash out to the garbage can behind the garage. Mom would change out the trash liner in the house and toss the bag just outside the back door before I came home. I would walk into the back yard after school and It was always there, waiting for me each day. I could rely on it. So when I arrived, I would grab the bag and throw it in the garbage can. Sometimes, as a child, I would be so excited to be home that I would not see the garbage. I would knock on the door and let mom know I was home. She would open the door and remind me to toss the trash before I did anything else. Through this, I learned that I should not wait to be reminded, but to do the task first and thus, the entry into our home would be clear.

I have been a writer of my thoughts for a long, long time. I would write in journals and notebooks. I wrote stories, poems and songs. I would go to the grocery store with my mom, and then later on to the office supply store, and get excited about new school supplies, pens and paper. I would write notes and letters to friends about anything on my mind. In high school, I wrote in the school’s creative writing booklet that was published annually. What I didn’t know then, but became aware of later, was that my writing provided insights to my feelings, my thoughts, beliefs and it became my confidant as somewhere I could go to get my thoughts out. It was like private therapy where my higher Self became my guide.

The simple act of picking up a pen and paper, or typing out my words, allows the flow of thought to pour from my mind without distraction. Some prefer to only use pen and paper as it slows down their thoughts. I have done it both ways and I enjoy both. Yet, I now type my words on my laptop each morning and I use a site that keeps me accountable. It is www.750words.com. It is free for the first 30 days and is completely private. I can review my trends of thoughts and emotions. After 30 days, there is a fee of $5 a month to continue. No one will lose any of their entries if they choose not to continue. Everything is still there for us when we log in with our user name and password. I continue to use this site as it does keep me responsible and they are doing good work by helping thousands through the act of daily writing.

Julia Cameron, the author of the Artist’s Way, also teaches about writing every day through what she calls “Morning Pages.” http://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/ She also is a strong proponent of writing with pen and paper and to do the writing in the morning. Both, Julia and 750Words, teach that we are not to over think what we are writing nor are we to pay attention to spelling or punctuation. That, in itself, is a lesson in releasing control!!! Yet, if we concentrate on making it perfect, we stop the flow of what is really important. The goal is to let our thoughts come out. Our hearts will tell us what to write about. Many times, I sit down to start my writing with an idea and the topic will shift just by the act of beginning.

Sometimes what I write is absolute junk (or what I call “Taking out the Trash”) or it can be a clarifying stream of conscious dialog with myself that gives me insight to something I have been challenged with during the last few days. If you don’t know what to write, just begin with that… “I don’t know what to write today. Sitting here makes me feel….” and you will be on your way. The length of our writing doesn’t have to be long. Julia says to write 3 journal pages while the other site I shared mentions 750 words. I think the point is to write just long enough so that there is a shift.



As you can see from the title, I call this process “Taking out the Trash.” This is one of the benefits of contemplative writing. I think of it as a brain dump. Anything that is floating aimlessly in my mind becomes purged. And, as I continue putting words to paper, the path begins to clear and allows other thoughts to become dislodged and evaluated and considered for examination. These are the good ones! These may be the thoughts and beliefs I have not been aware about, the ones that have been running the show behind the more benign, everyday activities. This is can be our “Ah-Ha” moment where our questions begin to be answered and awareness begins to grow regarding a concern or a situation or maybe we gain some direction we have needed. Clearing the path is very important as our mind does get full.

So I encourage the practice of contemplative writing. Try it a few times a week and watch what it does. You may find that you become eager and protective of that time between you and your confidant… your higher Self.

Clearing the mind,


Visioning: Two Ways to Vision for your Life

Creek PathThe topic of Visioning has come up a lot lately. It was on my mind a few weeks ago and hence, I mentioned that I would write about it soon. I practice two types of visioning along with my prayer practice, contemplative writing and meditation.
The first type of visioning I do combines thoughtful awareness with feelings. What is it that makes our hearts leap? What is it that brings us Joy and Happiness? If you were to create a vision board by attaching pictures from a multitude of magazines, what pictures would you use? It is those pictures or images that we should include in this specific visioning practice. I say “practice” because as we practice something each day, it brings our focus and energy to the area in our life we want to experience change. And who doesn’t want more joy and happiness in their lives?

Visioning for the Manifestation of your Dreams and Goals

So, I take 5 or 10 minutes a day to focus on what it would feel like to have more joy andMorning Whispers happiness in my life. I see myself walking on the water’s edge at the beach and I see myself smiling and healthy and able to walk with ease. I, then, see myself being surrounded by love and beauty and I deeply feel how that makes my heart very glad. I feel the emotion in my mind and body. I observe myself in the company of good, loving and joyful people that are celebrating life with me and the successes that have come into our lives. I notice that I am surrounded by things that make me happy such as spaciousness, good foods, books and things that exude abundance, love, health, beauty, travel, writing, teaching, art and creativity. I even smell the fresh ocean air and hear the seagulls in the background. Yes, I use all of my senses and visualize what it is I would like to be a part of my life. During this time I do not try to figure out how this is going to manifest in my life. No, I just infuse my visioning time with images and feelings of what I desire to be in my life. The important part of this exercise is to keep it short, do it only once or twice a day and then I move into my day as it is and trust that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf. I don’t want to dwell on those images all day, thinking more is better, as I would not be living in the present moment.

Visioning to Gain Insight

Another form of visioning is for the purposes of listening. For this one, we ask Spirit or our Higher Power to show us what is ours to know or understand regarding a topic that is on our hearts. During this time, I quiet my heart and mind while sitting somewhere comfortable. I will have a pen and paper ready to jot down words or thoughts that come to mind. I may see an image or even smell something during this time of visioning. I will ask these questions, one at a time, and pause to see or feel what may come to my awareness.

1. What is mine to know right now about_______________________?
2. What is mine to do today about______________________?
3. Is there anything I need to release regarding this?
4. What is my next step?
5. Is there anything else that I need to be aware about or know?

I will sometimes have these questions already jotted down on my paper and once my visioning time is over, I give thanks for the time and for whatever thoughts or impressions I have received. I date the paper and I may make a few more notes if there is an action I need to take.

I hope these two different types of visioning techniques are helpful to you. You may even have other ideas or experiences that can be incorporated. As always, I welcome your comments.



Thank you for showing up today!

List of things to doToday, like any other Saturday, was filled with things I needed and wanted to do. You know… the list that you make throughout the week of things you want to get done on the weekend. It was not just me taking care of me; I needed the help of others to complete my tasks. The tech at the Smog Station was the first to help me with a certificate to re-register one of my cars. Next was the waitress at the restaurant down on the boulevard that brought my morning cup of coffee and my breakfast. And let me not forget the person who cooked the meal. After breakfast I drove to the salon where I get my hair trimmed. The woman was standing there as if she was waiting for me to arrive. She provided me with a service I could not do myself. As I drove home to drop a few things off and change out the laundry, I started to think about the 4 people I already had contact with this morning and thought about how they had started their day with the purpose to serve whoever came into the doors where they were employed. I went out into town again but this time to the carwash. Prior to the drought I washed my own vehicles. But now that it is frowned upon, and rightly so, I needed the help from this type of place where recycled water is used. From the time I arrived, to the time I left, there were 7 people that assisted me in completing another desired task on my list.

Now I am up to 11 people which I have been personally in contact with before noon today. Each person was there for me, each with their own lives and stories of how they got to work today. Most, I assume, have families whom they said good-bye to as they left their homes this morning. Each of these people has their own lists and needs for which they will need the services of others to accomplish. And then I began to think, why do I wake up in the morning? What am I here to do today? Will what I do today make a difference in someone’s life as these 11 people have already done for me? It is this type of thinking that brings a fresh energy to my thoughts. I am not here alone in this world. I am a vital part of the bigger picture. Each of us has time and talent, passion and willingness, and the need to work and be compensated for our efforts. And in this exchange of goods, services and time, we make the world a better place for everyone one person at a time. We help make a world that works for everyone!

Thank you for showing up today! You make a difference!