What’s in your Closet? a.k.a. Beliefs Around Money, Habits, and Dreams


I have been loving the activity on my last post about Contemplative Writing! Funny thing is… I got distracted this morning as I was about to write my 750 Words i.e. my brain dump for the day. I reached over to grab a book to raise my laptop a little higher and I began reading it instead. It was a book my Mom gave me some time ago called Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I love “dropping into it” and re-reading some of the simple and logical ways that he explains things about money, debt, savings and living. He really makes things clear and stirs the excitement about the topic of money. Another book about money that I have enjoyed reading this past year is called The Money Keys by Karen Russo. She uses spiritual principles and tools that unlock some of the mysteries around money, beliefs and freedom. One of the things she teaches is that we need to be aware of the old beliefs that may be holding us back from obtaining our goals, even if that goal is to get out of debt and have a savings account. I took her workshop and would advise anyone to at least visit her website at www.themoneykeys.com. She offers a Money Keys Starter Kit. Both Karen’s and Dave’s books contain essential, sound instructions for financial healing and wholeness.

My distraction was not really a distraction, but the leading of my higher Self to write and share about this topic. Money doesn’t get talked about enough in this light. Our thinking around it, our beliefs about it, and the swirling feelings that get stirred need to be looked at, explored, and taken out of the closet to allow healing to occur. Anything is possible once we start taking steps towards our goals and everything is possible when we take action. Sometimes, I take a look back to where I was 12 years ago and I pause to give thanks for the many, many things that happened. I was in a lot of debt, working two jobs, a relationship was ending and I chose to claim bankruptcy. I was pretty down on myself during that period of my life. I realized that was the time to start making some changes. These changes took place in all areas of my life, not just one or two. I began with buying only what I could pay for at the time I bought it. I created a budget and consulted it often. I began reading books that helped me with my beliefs about life, about myself and provided inspiration to take new actions. I began going to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa where I was able to surround myself with loving people who accepted me just the way I was and just the way I wasn’t. I heard the message that I can change my life by simply choosing to change my mind. I started taking workshops and classes at the Center and through them I met people who became friends and part of my support system. Then, 7 years later, I became a Licensed Prayer Practitioner! How cool is that?

It is never too late to start a new path. It is never too late to reset one’s goals and dreams! Life is full and the journey is a fabulous one! The Universe conspires on our behalf every day to do what we believe can happen. I am so grateful that I learned that I could stay out of debt, change my habits, and live a more fulfilled and abundant life. I love sharing this story and I am available to talk with anyone who would like support in manifesting desired dreams.

The Closet is Open,



Changes Come… Some with Signs

Altocumulus Clouds

Altocumulus Clouds

How many times have you heard “I didn’t know it was going to rain” from a friend or co-worker? Maybe even yourself? You or they had no clue it was coming and it caught everyone off guard. But, if one had looked at the sky the day before, the clouds would have hinted to the change. Those “popcorn” looking altocumulus clouds that covered the sky, giving it depth, conveyed that there was a possibility of change in the weather.

I had always looked at the sky. I found it fascinating and at times I became lost in the clouds. In my high school track class, we would lie on the grass to stretch our legs and while doing so I would pause and just stare at the sky. And in doing that often, I became aware of the changes that took place, the differences that showed themselves. At that time I didn’t know what each change meant. But as I gained experience, I saw the patterns; the shift in clouds, the breeze and even the smell of

Stratus Undulatus Clouds

Stratus Undulatus Clouds

the air. The wind that comes from the east smells so different than the wind from the north or even the west. The air can change from being moist to extremely dry and my skin senses that and requires lotion to feel hydrated. All of these things were signs and as my love for the clouds and the sky increased, I naturally learned about weather patterns and looked at books that explained what I was observing. I was even a little surprised that what I was guessing about the changes I saw in the weather were not far off from the actual. Because of this, I began to trust what I saw and trust my intuition.

We can take this same principle and apply it to other areas of our lives. As we take the time to sit and observe our own inner workings, we can become more aware of the hidden beliefs; those thoughts that have an effect on our own conditions; the weather patterns of our own lives. When we experience particular challenges over and over again, we can look to the “clouds” per se and recognize why things keep occurring. Little by little the surprise is taken out of the equation and we can piece together the cause and effect of our actions or thoughts and make changes accordingly. The signs are always there. It is the purposeful practice of observation that leads to knowing that a change is coming and that we won’t be caught unprepared.

One last thought… sometimes change can happen without any warning, without any precursor cloud to give us a hint. But the practice of daily observing, call it meditation and contemplation, helps us handle that which is unpredictable because it strengthens our intuition (our inner knower) and it guides us every step of the way.

Looking to the Clouds,


We May Not Always be Understood

We may not always be understood. In fact, we will be mis-understood. Yet it is ours to be genuine and to do our best and be true to ourselves and to harm none with our actions and words. Yet what do we do when it is apparent that we have been mis-understood? I know for me that I need to search my heart, to see if there be anything I can address and to forgive myself where I may have missed the mark knowingly or unknowingly. I love words and I take care when I bring them together as an artist brings colors together in a painting. But even colors mixed with the best artistic vision will not be seen the same way to all. So in my transparency, in my desire to be real at all times, to be open and speak from my heart – assumptions, projections and expectations of my own and those of others will creep in and mask the Reality of who we really are; a Divine place where Spirit is expressing and showing up perfectly and guiding us to our highest good. If we see this, if we remember that each of us is the face of God and we are a part of each other, then we can go beyond the outer colors and to the core of the heart where the real Creative Expression dwells.

Palms Together,


Shift Happens

There are moments in our lives where from that point forward everything, all that we identify with or life as we knew and understood it to be, changes. Whether it was a book that we read or an event that took place or a desire to step into a new beginning; leaving the old behind, all constitutes an avenue of transformation. At the Center for Spiritual Living, where I serve as a Licensed Practitioner, our theme for the month of April is Sowing Seeds of Change. I have the ability to change my life for it is what I make of it. I can investigate my thoughts and actions and see just how I have been contributing to the outcome of events around me.  

It is always amazing to me that as I embrace a theme or a topic Life shows me just what I need to know. I see where I need to make a shift in my beliefs or where I need to have a bigger idea so that the shift I desire can occur. That “bigger Idea” is our consciousness expanding. It is the growth that occurs when we move out in faith and embrace change. I have been reading a book by Dennis Merritt Jones called “The Art of Uncertainty” and it is filled with useful tools of embracing the mystery of life and moving forward even when we don’t know what it is that we are moving into. He says, “Every action you take moves you one step closer to either evolution and expansion or redundancy and a reduction of your life force. The moment you make the decision either to act and grow, or not to act and thus to wither, the universe honors your choice in an impartial way.” I choose to expand. I choose to change and thus open myself up to the mystery.

Now and then we are thrust in to change due to an illness, a relationship ending, job lose or other events. We didn’t see it coming, it wasn’t something we chose, but we are faced with an immediate change. It is my belief that after the initial stun or shock has past, what we do and how we react is based on our daily spiritual practice and how we embrace change in our everyday activities of work, home, plans and dreams. Where do we hold on too tightly? Do we have expectations? Or do we posture our hearts and hands open, thereby freeing ourselves of needless suffering? It is here, during these times, where we may need to be reminded that Divinity is at the center of all life and our ability to see It is equal to us being open to It.

Where do you see room in your life to act and grow? Do you know of a thought or belief that needs to change? Is your heart open to the mystery or clutched in fear of losing something that you know is really not yours to hold? Below are a couple of links to other readings that furthers this idea of change and that our thoughts create our experiences. May you be moved to embrace it as your own and to share this with someone special.

The picture above is an old Shift Key from an early 1900’s typewriter. It was creatively turned into a necklace by Artist Teresa Deleen www.teresadeleen.com. I purchased it after lunch this past week from Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael and it is my reminder to be open to Shift or Change as it were because… Shift Happens.

Open to you,