Prayers & Requests

Leave a prayer request below or email it to me at There are prayers below for you to use for yourself or a loved one. I believe in the power of our thoughts and our words and I know that what we believe to be true out pictures itself in our lives.




Below are prayers that you can use for yourself.

You Can Heal Your Relationships

Spirit… full and abundant, uplifting and nurturing, whole and complete. It is unlimited source. It is love, joy, peace and gives of Itself freely to all. It co-exists harmoniously in all expressions of Its creation. The infinite supply and starting place of all relationships is God for it is the invisible force behind all that is visible – perfect, good and expressing harmony into all interactions everywhere.

I am one with this expression of Life. It is my source. Its wholeness flows in me and as me; pouring itself through me as harmony, joy and peace in all that I do. Its nature is my nature and it manifests in all of my interactions. As that is true for me, it is true for everyone. We are all the embodiment of the nature of God; one with all creation. We are all one with the Whole; complete and perfectly placed right where we are in this arena of life.

Therefore every relationship is the perfect expression of Spirit. Mothers and sons, dads and daughters, spouses and partners, friends and co-workers… all are God in action. And so I know for each of us that the wisdom and courage to heal any relationship is within us. We see and behold Spirit in each person in our lives. We know that we are all made of the same God stuff and that there is no separation but only wholeness and harmony. I claim for everyone a fresh openness towards the people in our lives, renewed love, forgiveness and compassion. For we are all a place that Spirit is showing up now to do Its work, to express Its love and to pour forth Its Life into all our interactions; bringing healing to all our relationships.

I so with a heart filled with gratitude for this truth, I release my Word to the Law in faith that It has been activated and is responding now. And so it is. Amen.

~ Sue Robson, RScP

Right Thought

God… serene, clear and calm. It is love, compassion and joy; dispersing Itself to and through all equally. Its peace exists in the far reaches of the world for It is present everywhere. Spirit is perfect right thought. It is goodness and understanding. It is all knowing, all intelligent and the substance of everything manifested and unmanifested.

I am one with Spirit and all It is. For my very essence comes from the clear perfect thought of God. Its goodness and clarity flow in, through and as me. And as that is true for me, it is true for everyone. We are a place where God is showing up as perfect thought. Spirit’s nature of peace, clarity and wisdom is our nature. We are one with the very activity and compassion of God and therefore one with each other; with everything known and unknown.

Therefore, I know and claim for each of us that we are united in our knowledge, practice and compassion and we each have an open and objective mind; intelligent to discern that which is true and that we are filled with joy and enthusiasm as we partake in our spiritual practice. I see each of us now being mindful of our thoughts that are beneath the thoughts we are thinking and that we question our perceptions and seek clarity about all we perceive. I claim for each of us a waking up to the One Mind within each of us where our exploration leads to our healing.

I release any fear and prejudice and in its place the flow of compassion, grace, love and goodness moving together in, through and out of everyone. I see right thought taking precedence now in all our activities as well as our stillness, thereby aligning with Spirit that is always present within us. So grateful am I for this truth that is never ending,

I release my Word to the Law knowing full well, in faith, It has been activated and is responding now. And so it is. Amen.

~ Sue Robson, RScP


2 thoughts on “Prayers & Requests

  1. Please agree with us in prayer for the healing of my brother in law, Dan McKenzie, whom has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the pancreas which has spread to the liver. He is also dealing with depression, loss of weight and appetite. Thanks for caring enough to pray for our loved one. God Bless.

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