I Believe

Humbug.FlowersI believe in the existence of a loving, compassionate, creative, abundant Intelligence. I call this Intelligence God, Spirit, My Creator, and the Lover of my Soul. It has no beginning or end and I trust It and rely on Its guidance in every area of my life.

I believe in the power of my thoughts; that I can change my life by changing my thought about a given condition or circumstance. Through this I have freedom. Through this I am a co-creator of my life.

I believe in Love, Compassion and Kindness. By putting these first in my affairs, I put first the heart of God; allowing me to focus on the Greater Good.

I believe in the continual practice of Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Spiritual Counseling, Contemplation and Visioning. By doing these things I allow myself to stay connected to the Source of Life, Its Oneness with me and Its Oneness with all life.

I believe in service to others; the giving of myself in some form of service for the good of the whole; whether that is through prayer, a helpful hand, or being present for someone in need.

I believe in continual education to keep my mind fresh and active even if this is just reading something daily to expand my consciousness.

I believe in teaching and sharing with others that which I have learned; thereby making it more solid in my own mind and allowing the flow to continue.

I believe and trust the process of Life and this Life is Spirit expressing Itself through me.

~Sue Robson, RScP


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